2018 was great

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Garry Verhoog’s 2018 Report

We have had a fantastic year on the farm in Ukraine. The price of milk has really improved and it is covering almost all the cost of running the program. We are selling about 220,000 grivna of milk every month and we have monthly expenses of 40,000 for student wages, 50,000 for staff wages, 60,000 for feed for the cows, 12,000 for electric, 25000 for fuel, plus misc. expenses.

The irrigation project has worked very well this year we filled the bunk with corn silage from 40 acres instead of 220. The corn we harvested for grain yielded about 250 bushels per acre. We will add another 40 acres of irrigated corn for 2019 to bring our total to about 130 acres. We will also begin to water our alfalfa this year. This should give us better quality feed and a big increase in tons of alfalfa per acre. We hope to be able to grow all our hay on 40 acres instead of 100. We have buried 800 meters of 10 inch plastic pipe to get water to another field that we will grow the alfalfa on with outlets every 70 meters in the field. We have purchased an irrigation pump with 120 horsepower motor to run the 450 meter long hose and reel and gun. Also this year we bought a 13 foot heavy disk and a 4 bottom rollover plow. All purchases were made with the profits from selling wheat, and corn, and milk, and part of the sunflower harvest. It was our best year for sunflowers this year. We had 300 acres and most of the fields did around 2800 pounds/acre. We have between 150 and 200 tons in storage to sell yet and will use the proceeds to purchase supplies for next year and another 1000 meters of lay flat for the irrigation project.

We had 18 students and grads with three married couples in the program to start the new year, and one baby. One couple and a few grad students have found jobs in the city this spring, so our numbers are down, but we are always looking for new students. There is one more baby on the way, too.   Our classroom


Spring planting has started, with about half the sunflower acreage planted before a week of wet weather came, wet weather is always a good thing in Ukraine. All our sunflower and winter wheat fields are reliant on rain for water. spring picnic

Thank you for all the support over the years. We’re happy to say that John’s vision of having a farm to support the project is working. It is providing a stable source of funds and a good work place and training center for the kids.