Classes start on Monday

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Sasha at his foster home

Meet Sasha, one of the students for the trade school this year. We went across Ukraine to pick up Sasha, so I’ll tell you a little about him, He was born in Moldova and has a sister and brother who live in the same Christian foster home that is run by a Swedish lady. They have lived there for seven years, their mother passed away, and their father was deported to Moldova when he lost his Ukrainian documents. Sasha finished school this year, and sold his motorbike because he wanted to buy a cow to milk. No one knew what to do with this plan of his at the foster home, and then Maria phoned about our school, the lady running it thought it must be a joke at first, since they had been talking about the idea of him getting a cow.

Maria, Garry’s assistant, has been contacting as many Christian organizations working with orphans in Ukraine as possible this summer to tell them about our school.

Most of the other students are already in the village, they have been undergoing preliminary health tests at the hospital, some have been here for a few weeks and have been getting paid to work on the barn renovation or other farm work, like haying.

Unfortunately we will not be using our new classroom at the barn as planned as we have not been able to get the barn hooked to the electric grid in the village, even though Victor has been working on getting this done since spring. Official channels more even slower than normal with the changing times in Ukraine. We plan to finish putting the equipment in the barn this month, but won’t be able to milk cows in it until the power is turned on, perhaps in the spring. We will keep the heifers in the new barn this winter, and milk twice as many cows as we have stalls in the tie stall barn until the electricity is connected.

Classes will be held in our summer kitchen, which has seats for 12 students, a white board, a bathroom, a mini-kitchen for making tea, heat and electricity! The church, where classes were held two years ago, will not be heated this winter.

Maria going to the hospital with Nikoli (with suitcase) and Valara

Maria, has been busy, co-coordinating the students going through the interviews and going to the hospital with them, along with serving as liaison for the attempt to purchase and import equipment. She is who the students phone when they need to talk.

They have all been cleared of having health problems, testing negative for TB, HIV, and are in good health, except Nikoli, who had an infection which stemmed from poor dental care. He has been on antibiotics, and had a tooth pulled. He was living rough when he came to us in the summer, and now has all “new” clothes that Maria went to the second-hand store with him to buy, and asked to use one of our old suitcases so he can take everything with him when he visits his younger sister on the weekends, which is why he has a suitcase in the photo. So far we have five guys, Sasha, Tolik, Kolya, and the brothers Nikoli (pictured in an earlier post) and Valara. We only have Nastya at the girls house, but two more orphan girls are coming to see our school later this week from Kirviy Rog. We thought that 6-8 students would be enough to start the program this year, and that’s what we will have!