Project Update July 2012: Nikolai Pole Dairy Farm and Trade School

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Project Update – July 2012 -

On June 15, 2012 we received certification from government officials, which will allow for us to begin teaching the Dairy farm track at our Trade School beginning September 1, 2012.

Garry Verhoog on the newly completed driveway in our barn under renovation

Practical training will begin on the 40-cow dairy farm of Garry Verhoog, which is already fully operating, until our dairy farm is fully operational.  Garry and his wife have been living in Nikolai Pole, helping local villagers learn how to be better dairy farmers.  Garry’s family operates one of Canada’s largest dairy farms in Manitoba.  He will direct the Dairy Farming track at our Trade School.

The large barn which we’ve already purchased has been under renovation, and we’ve installed two new driveways inside.


Project Goals

We have a plan to allow us to financially sustain the existing and broadening scope that New Hope Church and Center (located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine) ministry is currently using to serve local people in need of love, care and support. This plan is to open a 200 cow dairy in the village of Nikolai Pole, this is a village where the Lord has already shown us favour and many relationships have been built. This dairy will allow us to become financially sustainable and continue to grow relationships in that community. This project will help us to begin and provide sustainability to the following projects we feel that God is asking us to pursue.

We desire to open a trade school and dormitory (which will be located in the nearby village of Micolai Polye) for young adults who have graduated from the orphanage program in Ukraine. Our Trade School will provide high level skills training, and will strongly emphasize  the importance of living with integrity. This combination will help these students both integrate well with society and secure employment after they finish school.

Our goal is to provide local farmers and many of these students in future years with micro-loans to allow them to better themselves financially, and to grow their businesses.

Garry’s already operating barn, where students will receive practical training until our barn is finished renovation.

We also pray that through our Trade School the next generation of Christian leaders can be raised up, educated and supported in the hopes that there will be many well-equipped, Godly men and women who will provide Biblical vision and wisdom to lead the Church in Ukraine.

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360 degree view of the farm – Taken in 2011
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