First day of trade school ceremony 2015-16 school year

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ringing the bellWell, it was opening for the new school year, and we had a real Ukrainian first day ceremony this year. Garry spoke about how proud John Wiens would be today, the first year of having both new and returning students to study at our school. It all started with John’s dream of a place for aged out orphans to study and a farm to work on and support the school.

The principal of the village school, our speaker

Our guest speaker, the village school principal, even brought the bell they used for the new students to ring last week at school, she said it is 40 years old, and some of our students rang it. She also spoke about how she often thinks of John when she walks past the village kindergarten (it is like a preschool), which he helped restore. There are thirty children who attend there now . She asked for a moment of silence to remember those who have gone before us and gave us the life we have.We had all the teachers (group home parents, Maria and us) introduce their class subjects, also had presents (the students got Canada hats and scarves, and toothbrushes) for everyone (teachers got key chains and our speaker got a Canadian flag)) and food to eat, of course.

The whole group, teachers and students and guest speaker

The whole group