Project Update July: Group Homes

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Project Update – October 2013 -

We have received a Matching Grant of $10,000 from The Jack Gin Foundation to complete renovations to the Boys’ Group Home.
This will enable us to enrol 10 new students to our Trade School in January 2014.
We invite you to help us rescue orphans from a life of destruction. We need $7000 a month to operate 2 Group Homes and the Dairy Farming Training Track in our Trade School.

- Mission of Group Homes -

The promise that Canadian Resources for Missions Foundation makes to orphans is not simply to help them survive materially for the foreseeable future, but to begin a full-life transformation.  As part of the Trade School, which will be funded by our dairy farm, there will be group homes for boys and girls to live in that will provide a safe living environment and a simulated family experience.

It is here that trained Christian personnel will have quality time with these children to teach them basic life skills, and how to function day-to-day in a family environment.  Healthy marriages will provide a model for orphans who have rarely seen how these relationships work practically, and the sacrifice needed for success.

Group home personnel will be that voice of encouragement, which will allow them to succeed in their studies, and become confident individuals.  These caring adults will be the wind that propels them into the next level of success.

And it is through these relationships being built that we pray the love of Christ is projected into their lives, and that they will come to know God as Father and as Redeemer.  It is our hope that healing in God’s love happens emotionally, physically, and spiritually, so that all barriers in their lives will be broken through, and they can become the complete individuals they are intended to be in Christ


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