Making hay

Posted on Aug 2, 2018 in News | Comments Off

After a decent first cut of hay and a skimpy second cut because of the lack of rain, we are in the midst of a bumper third cutting of alfalfa. We have had some good rains over the last month and so fourth cut will be good too. It delayed this cutting as it kept raining a couple times a week. A few loads got rained on after some of the hay was cut last week, but those bales went in the mow anyway.

The students,  the guys and Leila, who loves to help with two-key (bales) ,  who put them up in the mow were very excited when Garry got Max to get the hay elevator up and running that came in the container that CRMF helped send to Ukraine a couple years ago. It needed a motor and a way to hang it up in the mow. They used to throw them up into the mow from the wagons and then someone would drag or carry them across the haymow floor and up on the pile. . It is so much easier to unload hay now. The bales are placed on the conveyor and move across the hay mow to where they are being stacked so the cows will have plenty this year.