Meet our returning students- The 2014-15-2016 class

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Kolya, Jack and Valera

  1. In June 2015 we had eight students who made it to the end of their first year at the trade school. The Sasha that I wrote a story about at the beginning of the school, left to work for the summer and decided to go to a tractor driving school this year.  Nastya, who wanted to live with her father,  left to do that at the end of classes, so we have six second year students.
  2.  Valera went to work in a greenhouse for the summer, but returned for the second year of the program. He doesn’t like working, but he works hard in class, and always wants top marks. His mother was murdered by his father, and he has 6 siblings, I believe. One of his brother’s came to the school last year, but left after a month.
  3. Kolya is the oldest in the program at 23. When the BC team was here, he got to visit with Jack, who has known him since he was a child in the orphanage in Kiroy Rog. Kolya and the other students worked on the farm and on remodeling the new group home this summer,He and Valera are pictured with Jack.
  4.  Julia and Karina grew up in the same orphanage, and attended a trade school together to learn plastering, then lived in a dormitory together and worked sweeping streets before coming here. Karina says she is going to work harder this year in school. She has changed so much since arriving and has turned into a mother hen. Julia is always smiling, and works hard all the time.
  5. Karina and Nastya

    Sasha with bear the dog

    Julia hard at work

  6. Sasha works hard but has trouble doing classwork. He gives up easily in class, but give him a job to do on the farm and he will stick to it until its done.He receives a government pension for a disability.
  7. Nikolai has some problems, but is a willing worker. Garry says he is great for mixing perfect concrete in the cement mixer, and putting furniture (bookcases, desks) together. He came from the same dormitory as the girls, and also gets a pension.
  8. Nikolai and Julia at the dorm they lived in