Our Mission


Garry likes to take the students on crop tours on Monday mornings in the spring

Alter the Trajectory of Orphans’ Lives


In Ukraine, if you are an orphan, your life is almost destined to go down a destructive path.  Whether it is prostitution, crime, substance abuse, or other vices, Ukrainian orphans fall victim to many of these traps.  Our goal is to change that trajectory, and turn them towards God, and to transform them into productive members of society.

Currently CRMF is working in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine to fulfill that goal through our Group Homes and Trade School, where orphans receive mentoring in life skills , as well as practical skills which will allow them to find work.  Our first class of students began studying in September 2012, and we operate three group homes with Ukrainian Christian families for male and female students in the village of Nikolai Pole, where our school is located. With the ongoing  development of our dairy farm for the dairy farm track of learning, we have a place where the students learn to develop good work habits along with practical knowledge that may help them find work in the future.

After a one year break to retool the program the second class of orphans began class in September 2014. Currently we have six second year and eight first year students to start the 2015-16 school year in the dairy track.

Our new Ukrainian humanitarian organization overseeing the program (translated to English) is Hope for Each, because we believe each of our students lives matter and are worth our time and investment as fellow children of God. Website is bi-lingual English and Russian , look under links/supporters to view.