School starts

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Garry and Maria tell them about cattle breedsThis is the first week of classes for the trade school. We  are planning to study in two week modules with classes in the mornings Monday through Thursdays, from 9 am to 12:30. On Fridays they will do work experience instead of classroom learning.The students are also scheduled individually for some work experience in the barn with the cows during the school week. They are paid for this work, more than the amount they need to provide to the group house parents for living expenses. We hope that this method teaches them about real life expenses, besides learning how to live in a family atmosphere. Students who would like to earn extra money have the opportunity to guard over at the barn on the weekends during the day.

Right now Garry is teaching Cattle Reproduction and Judging, with Maria translating and  a beginning English class by Teresa sandwiched in around 10:15 to 11 am.

The two girls who came to visit Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon attended class and we have heard that the smaller one is very excited about coming, if her friend agrees. We have just heard that the girls are planning to join us on Saturday this week, and a boy from their dormitory will come to see our program with them and could come next week.

Students with Garry and Maria on day two