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 You can read about some of our first students here. They have all moved into other training schools or university this year, with the exception of the two Maksims, who are working on farms.

November 2012-It has not even been a month since Maksim Korabel became a student at the New Hope Training and Production Center, and already a true miracle has happened in his life.

Maksim is 21. Most of his life he has spent in the orphanage. After graduation from school he studied at a state trade school. He did not manage to find a job afterwards, and since no one needed him he was left without any means of support. Once as he was out on the street and  some “well-wishers” came to him and  asked Maksim to take the blame for their unsettled forgery crime in exchange for 500 UAH. Maksim took their offer, and as a result he was given a conditional sentence. After this sentence it was even more difficult for him to find work. And when the “well-wishers” returned to him with another one of their deals, Maksim in his despair agreed again. But  he still did not understand that with a few hundreds of grivnas he would not even last a month, and that he could be sentenced to prison. It could definitely crush his life.

Maksim with our Academic Dean, Vera Karablina

It was around the same time that Maksim got to know someone from the New Hope Center staff. He decided to get serious about his education and learn a profession that would give him an opportunity to have a good future. But for a second time, he would be on trial for a crime which he did not commit. It took Maksim a long time to make the decision to tell his mentors/group home parents, Nikolai and Julia Nyunyaev, about everything. He started living with their family and two other orphan boys. Praise the Lord, he eventually decided to tell them about everything.

The headmaster of  the New Hope Training and Production Center, Vera Karablina, went to the court with the young man, along with a lawyer. Maksim’s new friends prayed for him not to be sentenced to prison by the judge, so that this new life, which he had just started, would not come to an end so sadly.

Upon returning from court, this young man was glowing from joy. The Center’s staff had paid the bail for him. The judge, whom is considered the most strict at this court, not only did not sentence him to prison, but also did not even fine him for his supposed crimes.

Maksim started going to church and thanking God for his miraculous deliverance from prison. It was the first time in many years that he felt somebody really needed him. He actually received  new hope in life.

Today, with the help of his group home parents, he is learning to cook and communicate with others.  He also gets to see what a real family is like. Maksim is learning to be himself. He is becoming a free, open and kind person, the way God created him to be.