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I am still looking for a good translation of it but on July 21st we were on the local news from Zaporosia! If you want to check it out, there is a link on the facebook page.


Kolya on the village soccer team

Until then, here’s a look at this summer in Nikoliapolia. As normal, the students have been busy helping with baling hay and straw, and working with the cows. We do not have classes in the summer, but everyone is busy working on the farm or in their houses. This summer we have had a number of staff leave for various reasons, so we have hired a new translator and are looking for group home parents.

Kolya Mahzara, one of our grads, is on the village soccer team. They  travel to nearby towns and play at home in the village, and are having a winning season so far.


Making hay

The irrigation system that CRMF helped buy has been a great help as it has been a dry spring and summer. Luckily we did get a few rainstorms and the other corn fields will make decent silage, but they are several feet shorter than the irrigated field, which will be combined for grain. We hope to invest in more irrigated fields and only grow corn on those fields in the the future.

irrigation system