The new students Fall 2015

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Surprising everyone, this year’s new class is nearly all female, ranging in age from 18- 20, so our new house has six new girls living there. When we started remodeling the house this spring we had assumed it would be for guys, but now there are rooms painted blue, green and pink!





On  September 20th, we got a new male student! His name is Anton, he’s 18 and lived in a different orphanage in Dnepropetroesk region than the girls and Andrey. He has several siblings and a mother. He’s been here a week and is a very enthusiastic worker at the barn and an excellent student in class. 





Andrey came from the same orphanage as many of the new girls, he lives at “the boys house” with the second year guys. We took him to the eye doctor to get new glasses, he had a pair from childhood, and are convincing him to wear them all the time.





Leila was the last to arrive and is living at the original girls house with Julia and Karina because she knows them from earlier life. Many of our orphans know each other from somewhere when they arrive here it seems. Leila had been living in Russia with her older sister, but had been deported this summer. Her sister was happy to find her a place here.





The other girls are all living at the new house just completed. There is Christina, who had been living with a foster mother in a village. She is has had two boyfriends in two months here, both boys from the village that Garry has tried to discourage by saying dates should only be at church. She is very smart in class, and very excited about learning English.

 Her roommate is Vika, who just celebrated her birthday. Vika is the only girl in this house that smokes, and the rest were all wishing her to want to stop smoking for her birthday, along with health and happiness. Vika has a real heart for animals.
Oxana just arrived and celebrates her 18th birthday this month, she is Vika’s younger sister. She has had two boyfriends in a week, both from the second year boys, so Garry may have been worrying about the wrong girl! Poor Valera, he only lasted a day or two before she dumped him, and he looks so happy in the photo. She seems to do well in class and is rather quiet, so far.
Luba, or Lovie as she’s decided she likes to be called in English, smiles and laughs a lot, and has studied English before, along with Christina. She has a grandmother who was trying to get her to live with her, but she’s decided to stay at the school with us.
The last two roommates are the very shy Valentina, and Ira. Valentina had a guest for opening exercises, I was told she was a teacher that would have adopted her if she was still young enough. Unfortunately, she is leaving to leave in Russia, so Valentina may not see her again. She’s a willing worker and gives you a shy smile, and wants to spend the money she has in the bank on getting her front teeth fixed, as they are very crooked. She has already visited the dentist to start the process.
Ira is tall and quiet, and is doing very well in classwork. Her mother either gave her up or lost custody of her and she ended up in the orphanage. Valentina takes the top bunk in their room, because Ira cannot. We have been told it is muscular dysthropy birth defect. She has problems climbing and doing some of the physical work here, but was very excited when she was able do the job grinding grain upstairs in the barn like the other students, even though she took longer to get there.