Trade school 2.0 Dairy track for 2014- building

Posted on Jun 27, 2014 in Featured, Projects | Comments Off

With John Wien’s passing this January, we did not want his dream of the trade school to fade away. We had been in the midst of a rebuilding year, with no new students enrolled, as we we trying to raise enough money to finish the renovation of the barn for the school. The first class of students all did their work experience in the little Verhoog demonstration barn, but of course the plan was that the large freestall barn would not just be for the students to work and learn to care for cows in, but that the farm would be able to provide for many of the ongoing expenses of running the school.

John had been able to raise funds for this before his cancer was discovered, and so the barn renovation was a go for this year, so we can re-open in September.  A team came to Ukraine from Salmon Arm, BC (Canada) this March to kickstart the renovation. They got a huge amount of work done in ten days. They started with breakfast at 6 am and worked until 7 pm or later, barely stopping to eat soup and sandwiches at the site midday.

We plan on a program this year that will keep the same objectives as before but one that will be less expensive to run. We have our first students signed up, but are looking for more.