Trade school news- new students and wheat harvest

Posted on Jul 4, 2014 in News, Projects | Comments Off

boys feeding cows

Saturday morning one of orphans applying to come to the trade school came to try working on the farm here to see if he would be able to do it. I got some photos of him with Max B, feeding the cows with the wheelbarrows. So far we have one girl and 5-7 guys who are planning to attend this year, and are looking for more orphan students. We have been in touch with many Christian organizations working with orphans in Ukraine and social services.

He along with some of the guys who are at loose ends will come to the village to stay soon, do some work on the farm, get paid a salary and pay the group home parents for room and board (part of our new fiscally responsible program to teach the value of working for what you get in life, to prepare them for the real world when the orphan stipend is over at age 23 currently.)
wheat harvest
This week the wheat harvest has begun, and it is going to be a good, but not great crop, most of it will be sold, and some will pay the rents on the land to villagers who own it. This year we are renting 900 hectares of land, more than 4 times as much as last year. There will be lots of straw to bale, and stacking bales is one of the jobs the guys will be doing.