Why Get Involved?

Help Transform the Lives of Orphans

Every life is precious, and worth fighting for.  But some lives don’t have a fighting chance without your help.  You can make an immeasurable difference in the life of an orphan by your support of our programs.

Students entering into our Trade School and Group Homes are given the opportunity to learn life skills that will allow them to thrive within a family, and be a positive contributor in society.  Many orphans turn to crime, prostitution, substance abuse, or even suicide, because they feel their life has no purpose. Your generosity and love will enable us to prevent this from happening in the lives of orphans, who might otherwise be lost.



Our goal is to not only to give these young adults practical skills, but to change their attitude towards life. Our promise to them is not to simply help them survive materially for the foreseeable future, but to begin a life transformation. As part of the Trade School there are three group homes that provide a family experience for these orphans.

Karina and Nastya in class


It is here that Ukrainian Christian personnel  have quality time with the students to teach them basic life skills, like budgeting, cleaning and cooking and how to function day-to-day in a family environment. Healthy marriages will provide a model for orphans who have rarely seen how these relationships work practically, and the sacrifice needed for success. Group home families will be that voice of encouragement that will allow them to succeed in their studies, and become confident individuals. These caring adults will be wind that propels them into the next level of success.